Sunday, April 11, 2010

NEW ADDICTION: As if I need one!

Rohrspatz&Wollmeise of Germany. Love the yarn! It's so nice you almost don't want to knit with it. That being said, when buying it directly from the online shop (good luck with that), the yarn is very reasonable, 17.50 for the Superwash sock and 35.00 for 1750yrds of beautiful laceweight. On eBay, it is being auctioned off for up to 250.00. Like it a lot, but don't like it 250.00 worth. My pet peeve is that folks haunt the website and snatch up every bit that they can and then resell it on eBay for a redonkulous amount. Now, if its being auctioned, then more power to the people that will drive the bid up to the heights, however shame on you if you put a minimum bid of 150.00 on something you paid 35.00 for. If we're not careful Claudia will decide she might want that bit of profit you're making and raise her prices.
Oh well, I still love it.