Sunday, April 11, 2010

NEW ADDICTION: As if I need one!

Rohrspatz&Wollmeise of Germany. Love the yarn! It's so nice you almost don't want to knit with it. That being said, when buying it directly from the online shop (good luck with that), the yarn is very reasonable, 17.50 for the Superwash sock and 35.00 for 1750yrds of beautiful laceweight. On eBay, it is being auctioned off for up to 250.00. Like it a lot, but don't like it 250.00 worth. My pet peeve is that folks haunt the website and snatch up every bit that they can and then resell it on eBay for a redonkulous amount. Now, if its being auctioned, then more power to the people that will drive the bid up to the heights, however shame on you if you put a minimum bid of 150.00 on something you paid 35.00 for. If we're not careful Claudia will decide she might want that bit of profit you're making and raise her prices.
Oh well, I still love it.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Siteseeing in Kuala Lumpur

Well, Today was a full day. KC and his girlfriend picked me up at the hotel at 11:00am and we got back at around 630pm.

First Stop. Patronas Towers (Ever see the movie "Entrapment"?) Yeah, those twin towers. Beneath them is a huge shopping mall. We ate some lunch at the Dome Cafe restaurant surrounded by stores like: Gucci, Coach, Georgio Armani, Jimmy Choo and the like. It is a very upscale shopping experience.

Next we stepped outside to the park so we could try to get some pictures of the towers. Unfortunately the Skybridge which spans the two towers at the 41st floor was no longer open for tickets. Bummer! Oh well. Next time.

Petronas Towers
Petronas Towers before the rain deluge
Water feature and kiddie pool at KLCC park
Next Stop: Central market and China town.
We drove over to the Central Market looking for textiles and yarn. Found a lot of fabric but it was alread fashioned into clothing. So we headed off to Chinatown. A busy little street with wall to wall street vendors. They kept trying to get me into their booths saying they had "large size t-shirts" for me. Okay! I know I'm FAT!! I get the picture!! Geez!
We did find a department store that had a fabric section in it. There was a wall of Chinese Silk Brocades. I bought 2 meters of 2 different fabrics. They were about $9.00 USD per meter+/-. Im thinking of using the fabric to line the Recycled Sari Silk bag I'm planning on knitting.
Chinese Silk Brocade
Left one has little flowers and vines
Right one has butterflies all over.

Dark picture of the floral silk brocade

Detail of the butterfly silk brocade.

I've come to the conclusion, silk doesn't photograph well.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Knitting Patterns Everywhere!

At the restaurant, in my room, I see Knitting Patterns! The restaurant has a beautiful mosaic wall that's huge and done in red and gold 1x1 tiles. I want to knit it! (Does that make me obsessive?)

In my bedroom was this wooden carving which reminds me of the aran pattern sweaters i've seen but have avoided knitting.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Landed in Kuala Lumpur

Landed, found an ATM that accepted one of my Debit Cards, found my luggage and a taxi and ultimately made it to my hotel.  Nice hotel, neat clean room and the water temperature and pressure in the shower is A M A Z I N G! 

Today (Friday)  Went to the FCS Office to do some setup for my training next week with the FCS trainers.  Hope I can get the cab driver here next week and not get lost.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bali, Hi!

St. Regis Hotel, Bali.

Today I took a nice little walk and found RESTAURANTS!! Even a Baskin Robbins!! The hotel has come along very nicely and the people are great. The restaurants' food is a little more 'elegant' than my delicate little palette (which usually consists of Taco Bell and Cracker Barrel when I can find it) is used to. Good news is I've lost a couple pounds. Below are pictures around the hotel. Mostly during the 'Fire Dance Ritual' which happens each night at 6:30pm.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Now where?!

Well, the past couple months have been fairly busy. I spent some time in Vermont (The Equinox Resort) and a lot of time in Minneapolis. ( Aloft Minneapolis, W Minneapolis and Westin Edina).

Latest trip was to Barbados (Friends' Wedding and little bit of R&R). My good friend and co-worker Meredith accompanied me to the hot, humid and very tropical island of Barbados. A couple short flights.. LAX to Miami, Miami to Barbados and we were there. We checked into the Bouganvilla Resort (nice suite, near the beach and pools), and got busy on our tans. (Meredith tans, I 'ecru'). At least I got a little bit of color, but what do you expect, I sit in the shade wearing SPF 50 and knit. Yes, I get teased a lot by my friends. As you can see, Meredith needs little assistance with her tan.

The wedding was beautiful. Monique and Andy looked great and the wedding went off without a hitch. It was just like the old saying about the duck... calm and collected above the surface, but paddling like crazy below. Everyone had a great time. The groom's father and mother officiated the services.

Also in attendance: Duncan (Man of Honor) and Phil (Best Man).

Other Pictures:

The 'Hen Night'

After the Ceremony. Phil, Andy, Monique, and Duncan.

At the Reception.

NEXT STOP: Bali, Indonesia.

I just arrived, a couple hours ago, at the St.Regis - Bali. WOW, it's not too shabby! I can see the golf course and the ocean (though distant) from my room. HUGE Bathtub.. LOVE IT!! Hopefully will get to do a little exploring and not work the entire time while here.

At some point while here I will be trying out the services. Restaurants, Fire Dance Ceremony as well as a Spa Treatment, it's up to us to put the employees through their paces.