Sunday, September 21, 2008

Siteseeing in Kuala Lumpur

Well, Today was a full day. KC and his girlfriend picked me up at the hotel at 11:00am and we got back at around 630pm.

First Stop. Patronas Towers (Ever see the movie "Entrapment"?) Yeah, those twin towers. Beneath them is a huge shopping mall. We ate some lunch at the Dome Cafe restaurant surrounded by stores like: Gucci, Coach, Georgio Armani, Jimmy Choo and the like. It is a very upscale shopping experience.

Next we stepped outside to the park so we could try to get some pictures of the towers. Unfortunately the Skybridge which spans the two towers at the 41st floor was no longer open for tickets. Bummer! Oh well. Next time.

Petronas Towers
Petronas Towers before the rain deluge
Water feature and kiddie pool at KLCC park
Next Stop: Central market and China town.
We drove over to the Central Market looking for textiles and yarn. Found a lot of fabric but it was alread fashioned into clothing. So we headed off to Chinatown. A busy little street with wall to wall street vendors. They kept trying to get me into their booths saying they had "large size t-shirts" for me. Okay! I know I'm FAT!! I get the picture!! Geez!
We did find a department store that had a fabric section in it. There was a wall of Chinese Silk Brocades. I bought 2 meters of 2 different fabrics. They were about $9.00 USD per meter+/-. Im thinking of using the fabric to line the Recycled Sari Silk bag I'm planning on knitting.
Chinese Silk Brocade
Left one has little flowers and vines
Right one has butterflies all over.

Dark picture of the floral silk brocade

Detail of the butterfly silk brocade.

I've come to the conclusion, silk doesn't photograph well.

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Anonymous said...

Kerry, I love your blog. The pics are beautiful and illustrated your chat nicely. Love, love the soaking tub and the ideas for knitting patterns. Some would say you are a lucky guy, but us fellow travelers know the drudge of constant traveling. But, it looks like you enjoy it nevertheless. Hope to see you at AP soon.